Established 2015

Lead generation for the UK's Financial Advisors

We’ve got a great reputation for providing customer acquisition. Although a long way to the peak, we have come a long way in financial services lead generation. We help our partners grow through proven and robust acquisition methods to provide you with high quality client introductions at the right time and in the right volume to achieve a maximum ROI.****

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Huge wealth of data with over 320,000* interactions specifically to help you increase your conversion rates. 7,464 appointments booked between 2013 and 2020.

RMT Group

RMT Group Limited, incorporated in 2015 is a private limited registered in Gibraltar, managed by its founding shareholders. Our operations here are entirely focused on providing client reviews & marketing services for financial advisors through a subscription service.


Our primary focus is on supplying online leads to UK based Financial Advisor firms using Google Ads Microsoft Advertising routed through either an online auction or booked as a appointment.

Our best testimonial ever...

"I have taken pension appointments from RMT over the last 2 years and have found their appointments excellent. I have 28 years experience as a financial adviser and can categorically state that I have a 99% conversation rate(yes it is 99% I am very good at my job) and average income per appointment in excess of £2,500 which also includes other types of business transacted with the client. There may be times when the appointment does not happen with clients cancelling the appointment for whatever reason but RMT are diligent in reappointing. Keep up the good work and look forward to more profitable appointment now and in the future. If anyone who wants to use RMT please contact me if you want to verify or discuss."

Peter C. Sykes - Financial Advisor - Yorkshire. April 2016 to March 2019.

We offer three models for lead generation

Whether you are looking for a straight forward lead supply agreement with no minimum commitments or a more advanced  model that that books appointments inot diary, we can supply both.

Our clients are based in the UK and include both small independent firms and large restricted financial advisor firms as well as specialised equity release and mortgage brokers. 


How do we work?

We are a specialised financial services customer acquisition firm based in Gibraltar focusing primarily on financial advisor firms. 

Step one


Register your details on or call 020 3468 4215. We just require your contact details, your operating postcodes and the name of the firm you work for.

Step two


We offer three lead generation routes - data, an online auction and an appointment booking service. A consultation will determine, based on your requirements which route is best for your needs.

Step three


Depending on which route you choose, an online or PDF profile will be created and approved.


Lead generation for the UK's Financial Advisors 

NOTE: All figures quoted in the website refers to the past and that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. All testimonials are fully accurate and have not been amended. 

The financial promotion was produced internally by RMT Group Limited. The financial promotion will only be distributed within the United Kingdom. The financial promotion is not for a registered fund. Details of how the communications will be distributed are as follows: The financial promotion is available via search engines and to the general public. Only authorised financial advisors are permitted to engage with the promotion. Retail clients are prohibited from engaging with the promotion. RMT Group Limited is not authorised or regulated by the FCA. 

RSK WARNING: The client's capital is at risk as RMT Group Limited cannot guarantee any business written within a small timeframe such as an initial trial.

RMT Group Limited is licenced by the H.M. Government of Gibraltar for the provision of generating online financial services leads. License number BL160240. RMT Group Limited registered office is at 2 Crutchetts Ramp, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, with registered company number 112738.

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* September 2016 to September 2022. Google Ads interactions data.

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