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Financial Advisor Direct is the RMT Group’s biggest customer facing brand. There are two main products that this brand offers, Financial Advisor leads and Mortgage Advisor leads. Both products enjoy a high percentage share of  the Google search traffic with an impression share of 23% and 19% respectively in 2020.

In 2020 the site generated over 80,000 online interactions alone.  

Regulated Advice tailors its service to the needs of its partners. The site provides more options for its clients that require a minimum sized pension fund or a minimum amount of investible assets. 

Regulated Advice also employs a unique Auction Room where advisors can bid for interesting questions online.

RMT Direct Leads was RMT Group's first website created back in 2012. It is a specialist site, providing access for Financial Advisors to RMT Group's products.

RMT Direct Leads is ranked #No. 1 for many key Financial Advisor lead terms on Google UK.

Pension Comparison is the latest addition in 2020. It has been designed as a specialist site in providing 'pension only' leads for its advisor partners.